Pink Dragon Scale Statement Earrings with Blue Ear Wire


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pink dragon scale statement earrings with blue anodized ear wire
long pink cell statement earrings with blue ear wire and vintage back
Pink Dragon Scale Statement Earrings with Blue Ear Wire

Winter is finally over and you are ready to honor your favorite Dragon Queen in these bright pink statement earrings. A hint of royal blue ear wires will show the kingdom's subjects that you're ready to rule! 

Measures approximately:

5in length (6in with hooks)

0.75in width

  • Lightweight and loud! You can finally make a statement with earrings that won't put stress and strain on your ears. 

  • Made from eco-friendly fabric and upcycled vintage brocade, show the world you give f*** with ethically sourced materials

  • Every piece made by theDevilsDame is created with eco-friendly and sustainable materials. All metal is sourced as ethically as possible and fabrics are printed with minimal waste and offset by wind energy.

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