Pink Two-Tier Earrings


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Pink Two-Tier Earrings
Pink Two-Tier Earrings

Delightful half-moon earrings, but double the fun. Made from epithelial plant cell prints on crepe de chine and sustainably produced cotton canvas, fused together. These earrings hang from surgical stainless steel fishhooks that are nickel-free and hypoallergenic, so they’re perfect for sensitive ears. 

Measures Approximately: 

1.5in length (2.5in with hooks)

1.75in width


    Extra lightweight, my handmade earrings are perfect for tired ears - no strain, all gain.
    Every piece made by theDevilsDame is created with eco-friendly and sustainable materials. All metal is sourced as ethically as possible and fabrics are printed with minimal waste and offset by wind energy.

    Each earring is hand-fused and hand-cut and may vary slightly from the images, but they will be unique to every wearer!

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